Hack your brain, change your life

Hack your brain, change your life
What you think, you become. — Buddha

Why do we often fall into the same bad habits, repeating the same thinking patterns, even if we know they aren’t good for us? Truth is they’re familiar, they’re easy, and we aren’t conscious we're doing it most of the time. 

Mindset is the foundation for happiness and success. 

Your mind is a magnet. It attracts whatever you think of most. Positive or negative, the mind doesn’t care.

We all have the potential to shape our behaviour, our way of thinking, our habits and our lives. You have a choice; either repeat what you’re doing, or evolve it. To achieve a different result, you must do something different.

There are two modes in the way in which your brain operates; a default mode and a direct mode.

You are in default mode 46.9% of the time. — Dan Gilbert of Harvard, writer of ‘stumbling into happiness’.

Our default is when we go though our day on autopilot. Our thoughts tend to drift and we go through the daily motions, repeating the same habits. That's essentially half the day and we aren't even aware we're doing it. 

Our direct mode is a more conscious and deliberate way of thinking. Present, in the moment, and actively controlling what we think about. 

If we start to realise and embrace that being a deliberate thinker is a skill, we are capable of practicing and mastering that skill. 


The ability to reset our mind is incredibly powerful. The majority of us hold onto negative, limiting beliefs that we aren’t consciously aware of. They become encoded deep in the default network of our brains and we carry them around on autopilot everyday.

We all have changes we’d like to make in our lives. Sometimes big, sometimes small. Whether its new habits, hobbies, skills or success, as human’s we are at our happiest when we are evolving and progressing. 

As soon as we think about change, we immediately start to catastrophize and hold ourselves back. The reason being, is because somebody in our past either trained us to think this way, or we've had so many bad things occur in our lives that we've trained ourselves to assume and predict the worst case scenario.

Negative things happen, that’s life. But, thinking things that are positive, supportive, optimistic, and full of possibility— this is the way we change patterns in our mind.


When you identify your limiting belief, write it down and face it head on. Ask yourself, what has it cost you to hold on to; past and present. If you don’t evolve from this default way of thinking, if you don’t get deliberate, what will it cost you in the future to continue to think this way?

When you understand it, you hand yourself back the control to let it go. When you spot that negative default, stop it, and direct it to something deliberate; a default that is positive, courageous and loving.

'I'm not experienced enough' becomes 'I have plenty of time to learn as I go'.

'What if I fail' becomes 'I will make it a success. If not, that's ok, i'll try again'.

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, either way you are right. Henry Ford 

It may feel a struggle, unfamiliar or uncomfortable. But this is good, it shows you are aware and are taking the right steps. Developing skills take time and patience, but the choice to make change is instantaneous. Make the decision, then give yourself time to develop the skill and see your life grow. 

Today you’re the best version of you. But tomorrow, you’ll be better.

Your arbour, your best self.

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