Keep your arbour looking brand new

Keep your arbour looking brand new

We all love that feeling of receiving a brand new item of clothing. Its clean, crisp and oozes confidence. We want you to enjoy your Arbour as long as possible. For this to happen, your garment must receive the proper care.


Organic is different to average cotton as we never use harmful chemicals. Drying at high temperatures can cause shrinkage, so always read your care label. 

Whether you own an Arbour garment or not, we want to raise customer awareness on the sustainable care of textiles.


Machine wash at 30°:

The average home washes their clothes at 40° or higher. With modern detergents, washing at higher temperature’s isn’t necessary and consumes a far greater amount of energy. Washing at 30° is perfectly adequate and has significant benefits. 

 On average you can save 57% on annual running costs. 

Better for you, better for our planet. 

Hang to dry more often: 

Tumble dryers save you time, but at a cost your clothes and environment must shoulder. Drying at high temperatures also leaves your Arbour susceptible to shrinkage. We recommend air drying; it's the greenest way to go. It protects quality and consumes zero energy. 

Repeat use of tumble dryers can cause our clothes to fade. It imparts microscopic damage to the fabric. By definition, microscopic damage is invisible to the naked eye, but it’s easy to see the collective damage — just check your dryer’s lint tray! 

Okay, this isn’t always practical... We don’t all live in a warm climate or have the luxury of waiting for our clothes to dry on the line. The key is to balance convenience and protection of our clothes. If you opt for convenience, finish the drying process on a short cycle time and low heat.

Cool it with the iron:

As with drying, the same can be applied to ironing your clothes: we should avoid it whenever possible. Given your Arbours unique properties, any creases incurred will drop out quickly when worn; you'll see.

Clothes dried in a dryer often don’t need to be ironed. 

If you do finish off your tee on a low heat tumble dry, unload the dryer sooner rather than later. If clothes are folded immediately after drying, crinkles can be avoided. If you do opt for an iron, do so inside out, on a low heat. 

Wash your clothes less often:

Controversial right? Given your Arbours breathability, most of us should get two days use before washing. Ageing however, is inevitable when washing over time. Boost that lifespan by investing in a few quality staple pieces that you can alternate. We’re all guilty of it guys; we find an item we like and we wear, wash, repeat. 

When you find something you like, invest in yourself and invest in quality with other colours or variants. 

Now, you aren’t daft. But, we aren’t trying to up sell to you. Wear an Arbour for a day and it'll do that for us. There's plenty other eco conscious and sustainable brands out there to choose from too. Buy less, choose better, make it last.  


Today you’re the best version of you. But tomorrow, you’ll be better.

Your Arbour, an honest fit.

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