1% For the Planet

Isn’t it obvious that if you are using the world’s resources, you should be doing something to replenish them along the way? After all, who are we to walk into this planet, use and abuse it for what it has to offer, produce new items that may not necessarily break down (ever – plastic!) and then move on? No one should have that right.

"I think of it as a kind of "earth tax" for being polluters and using up natural resources. I believe that all of our taxes should be resource taxes." - Yvon Chouinard – Founder of Patagonia and 1% For The Planet

Here at Arbour Alexander we are so stoked to partner with 1% for the planet who are an amazing organisation that help connect businesses with non-profit charities that are helping care, protect and research this precious planet that we live on. For every single sale through our online store, a minimum of 1% is donated directly to one of our charity partners. We are committed to investing in a healthier future of our planet. And with your support we are doing just that; invest in yourself, invest in our world. Visit 1% for the planet to discover more.