Fashion has changed. We buy more, but wear less than ever — packing our wardrobes, filling landfills and fuelling incinerators. Garments; once pieces of intricate labour and precious resources, have lost their value. 

Arbour Alexander exists to offer an alternative approach. We’ve disregarded seasons, and designed for everyday. We’re building quality essentials — created to stand the test of time, both in craftsmanship and design. A timeless, permanent collection. Less waste, less clutter, less smoke and mirrors.

With our first drop, we set out to enhance an everyday staple. A luxurious, responsibly made tee that felt like it was made just for you.

Developed to perfection over 18 months, your new staple has arrived.

Quality, without compromise.

Our garments are meticulous crafted. Whilst they require delicate and natural resources, our approach allows us to create luxury garments, whilst maintaining ethical practices.

  • Comfort is king. Constructed using certified organic cotton — This sustainable and natural fibre allows for unparalleled, effortless comfort.
  • Woven to a unique mid-weight of 190GSM, each tee ideal for transitioning between the seasons —  with an added durability that maximises lifespan.
  • Custom ‘brushed’ finishing —  An intricate process that leaves a soft, peachy face that helps trap heat, yet increase breathability. 

 A timeless approach.

We don’t believe in seasonal collections. With our entire focus on building a timeless, permanent collection, we offer fewer pieces, free of compromise and full of quality.

  • Disregarding discounts and retail margins, we cut out the middlemen and sell directly to you. We invest in higher craftsmanship to ensure a higher end product — offering an end-price that truly reflects it’s quality.
  • We’ve updated industry standard sizing, with our own, intricate and extended size system. We take into account that we’re all built differently, providing more people with a better, honest fit.

 Always Improving

We're our own customers, so we're as authentic as it gets. And without relentless fashion cycles and retailers seeking new drops, we have more time to focus on the more important stuff — your thoughts. A permanent collection allows us to invest more time and resources into our garments. We slow fashion down, developing and releasing one key piece at a time. And with your constant feedback and our pursuit for perfection, forever improving it. 

— Oh, and another thing. We never discontinue our pieces. So once you’ve found your staple, you’ve got it forever.